Identity Theft Protection and Credit Monitoring

identity theftMany people have found themselves in problems they do not know their cause. Such problems include being held accountable for things they have not done. This mostly results from cases of identity theft. This is when someone will unlawfully use another’s personal information identifying himself or herself as the owner.  You can learn more about identity theft protection by visiting They use such information to obtain a financial advantage, other benefits and even obtain credit with the other person’s identity. This will lead to loss or the original owner of the identity being disadvantaged in some ways. People whose identity has been stolen usually are being held responsible for the fraudster’s actions. In identity theft such personal information like names, a credit card number and other details are taken with no consent of their own and used in committing fraud.

Avoiding identity theft

With the new developments in the Internet, dealing with cases of identity theft has become hard. Fraudsters can access other people information from the internet by hacking their accounts and even personal details. These can only be avoided by following such simple steps as explained below;

Complicated passwords 

Passwords have been known to help people protect their details from unauthorized access. Having a perfect combination of letters and words makes a strong password for such purposes. Passwords, which seem complicated, will seem hard to be cracked by fraudsters and therefore they will give you maximum protection to your information.

Subscribe to identity theft protection service

Subscription to such companies will help one when they become victims of identity theft cases. Such companies can help in tracing back to the fraudsters and even solving cases resulting from such cases.

Monthly checking of bank accounts

Monthly checking of bank accounts will help the owners check for excess charges. If one’s account has unauthorized charges, they should immediately contact their banking company. These accounts can be changed or change details to keep them safe.

Photocopy personal details 

Usually most people keep personal details in their wallets and purse. To be safe, one should always make copies of such details as ID cards, credit cards and other relevant information. Also a record of phone numbers should be kept which will help one in contacting relevant persons in case your wallet or purse is stolen. This will help in immediately changing of account details or even closing of accounts and also ordering for replacement of lost personal items.

Protect personal computers 

Most people will store personal details in their computers. Therefore, it is advised that personal computers be protected using n anti-spyware software and also mental anti-virus. Remember to be updating such software to protect your personal information in the computer.

Monitor your credit

Monitoring credit reports will help in identifying frauds. One can place fraud alerts on their credit accounts. Such accounts can freeze themselves in cases of unauthorized access.

Shred personal documents

Personal documents with your identity on should always be shredded before being thrown away. This will make it difficult for the dumpster diving. Burning such documents also helps in preventing fraudster accessing your personal information.


In conclusion, identity theft has been a problem in our community today. We can only prevent it from happening. Such simple steps like unique passwords, monitoring credit cards, shred of personal documents, protection of personal computers and also subscription to identity theft companies can help us in protecting our personal information from fraudsters.

Claiming Back PPI For FREE – Lets take a look.

Since the beginnings of the ppi claims boom in May 2011, there have been literally 100’s of 1000’s of people that have been putting in cases to reclaim compensation (whether they were due compensation or not) and this has put a huge strain on the resources of the financial ombudsman, with them bringing in more than 1000 staff in order to help clear the huge backlog of complaints that have built up over time as a result of the huge volume of people applying. Despite what many people are saying: it is actually possible to get your money back without the help of a claims’ management firm, but it is certainly not always as simple as “sending a letter” which is what certain “industry experts” would have you believe. And many of these people that are saying this, are simply trying to peddle you their own version of “free financial advice” which is actually not really free at all.

Claiming PPI For Free

If you want to claim your premium payments for free, there is a few things you will need to understand.

  1. You will need to gather up all of the information you have about the policy that you have been sold, this means all of the loans/mortgage documentation, credit cards/store cards statements, etc…  You will need this because you will need to submit your evidence to the appropriate commercial body that sold you the insurance in the first place.
  2. You will need to be prepared to pursue the case alone, and you will need to know how to do this.  So you will be researching online, making the appropriate phone calls to the financial ombudsman and the citizens advice bureau for their free guidance should you need it.
  3. If the corporations reject your claim, then you will need to pursue this if you want to receive compensation.  This means that you will need to chase them up for updates and submit a compelling enough case that when they look at it they will agree that you deserve to be reimbursed the ppi premiums that you paid to them.

It is entirely possible for someone to get their money back alone… but…. I don’t mean to “put a downer” on reclaiming your money by yourself, but it can be a real pain.  Some people would elect to pay a fee to a claims’ management company rather than pursue the claim alone, this is why the CMC industry is as large as it is.  The reality is that people do not want to deal with the hassle and the stress of processing their own ppi cases. If you are one of these people who would like assistance, ppi claims 4 you are a good option for this eventuality.

Review of the Top 3 Binary Option Trading Platforms

1. Banc De Binary, Ltd.

Financial services offered issued and authorized by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the United Kingdom’s Financial Securities Administration (FSA), operates in the European Union, and under other authorizations issued by lead trading authorities found to be in compliance with EU’s MiFID standards. Recognized as ‘best platform’ in OTC market trading, Banc De Binary ROI of 65% to 91%. Exchange of option contracts from the platform’s up/down, 60 seconds, Range and One Touch trading space offers the widest selection of currency pairs, stock and commodity assets. New members receive a welcome bonus are are invited to participate in elite membership.

binary option trading

2. OptionRally

Rapid trading means ROI up to 78% per hour on OptionRally’s binary options trading platform. OptionRally requires a minimal deposit of USD $300. Trading can be conducted on a USD $25 minimum contract purchase. Traders are offered investment protection with a maximum threshold of USD $3,000 per option. Consistent with other trading platforms, OptionRally gives traders the ability to call (up) or put (down) contracts and set up expiry times at time of trade. A Grid View enables synchronized observation of trades. The site serves as an aggregator of asset reporting, offering trades by Binary and Forex brokers, for the most exposure on the exchange. Mobile apps offer traders real time access, anywhere, anytime. Risk free security in OptionRally’s guaranteed 10% refund of initial investment at time expiry if performance is less than predicted it an extra benefit to trading on the site.

3. UBinary

The site that guarantees traders earnings performance, also supports traders from the United States. Since the transition in EU law, fewer sites allow U.S. registered OTC brokerage. UBinary continues its open trading environment for global binary options trading. The site interface allows traders to use traditional exchange criteria such as price, call/put, and ROI and risk predictors in selection of contracts. UBinary offers traders a guaranteed 85% on revenue payout scheme. New members receive a 30 percent welcome bonus. The site requires a minimum deposit of USD $100, with maximum deposit not exceeding USD $2,500, and per trade minimum of USD $10. Payment and withdrawal can be made via Diners Club, Mastercard, Neteller, PayPal, Webmoney, Western Union and Visa. UBinary ranks high in transparency, with no commission costs for trading.

Binary Option Platform Features for comparison:

  • Trading Interface – easy to use, multi-language trading application interface.
  • Multiple Asset Trading – diversified range of assets (i.e. commodities, stocks, and Forex) to maximize profits.
  • Expiry Dates – hourly or daily expiry date publication.
  • Maximum Percentage Payouts – 75% – 90% payout rate, with unsuccessful trades offering 5-10% return on investment.
  • Initial Deposit Minimum – deposit rates and registration fees at time of sign-up.
  • Bonuses – bonus amounts paid to traders may be offered up to 25%.
  • Payment Methods – payment gateway options for deposit and withdrawal at time of buy and sell.